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Air permeability and resistance of dust filter bag

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The air permeability and resistance of the dust filter bag are introduced as follows:

   Air permeability refers to the amount of gas passing through the filter material per unit area under a certain pressure difference. The resistance of the filter material of the dust collector is directly related to the air permeability. As the constant pressure difference value for calibrated air permeability, the value varies from country to country. The air permeability of the dust collector bag depends on the fiber fineness, fiber type and weaving method. Air permeability generally refers to the air permeability of the clean filter material. When dust accumulates on the dust filter bag, the air permeability should be reduced. The surface smoothness of the dust bag filter material has a great influence on the dynamic running resistance of the filter material.

  The resistance of the bag filter material of the dust collector is determined by the air permeability of the filter material itself, and the resistance during operation is many times larger than the initial resistance. The running resistance depends on the smoothness of the surface of the dust removal cloth bag filter material and the dust removal effect. It is generally hoped that when the filter material guarantees the same filtration efficiency, the greater the air permeability, the better, that is, the lower the resistance, the better, because this can save a lot of energy. In a dust collector that uses airflow back-blowing to clean dust, when airflow with the same pressure and same air volume is used for dust removal, the dust removal effect when using a woven fabric with large air permeability as a dust bag filter bag is better than choosing a small air permeability Weaving.

   Therefore, under the condition of ensuring that the filter material achieves a higher filtration accuracy, how to improve the air permeability of the dust removal cloth bag filter material and improve the surface smoothness, reduce dust adhesion, and reduce the running resistance are the topics that the dust removal cloth filter material manufacturer should study first. Therefore, the transformation of some old equipment, in order to improve ventilation and increase output, the preferred plan is to change the original ordinary dust removal filter bag into a coated dust removal filter bag, without increasing the filtering area, without expanding the equipment, and without moving civil construction, you can get immediate results .

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