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Calculation method of filter area of bag filter

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1. Calculation method of filter area of bag filter:

Knowing that the boiler flue gas volume is Q(m^3/h) and the filtering wind speed is v(m/min), the required filter area S(m^2) of the bag filter can be calculated

Namely: S=Q/(60*v) For example: filter area=air volume/(60*filter wind speed).

Example: air volume 10000m3/h; filtration wind speed 2m/min; filtration area=10000/(60*2)=83.3 square meters.

2. After calculating the total filtration area, the overall scale and size of the bag filter can be determined.

The stand-alone dust collector is specially designed for the top and bottom of the cement plant warehouse. It has the advantages of small volume, large air volume, compact structure, convenient and reliable use. According to the height and width restrictions of our site, we can make equipment of suitable size.

3. The size of the bag filter depends on the diameter D and length L of the filter bag used and the arrangement of the filter bag. Let's look at the determination of the diameter and length of the filter bag below.

Filter bag area (perimeter X height + filter bag cross-sectional area) = actual filter area

The diameter of the commonly used pulse dust collector is generally 120 or 130mm. The length of the dust bag, when the filter area and the diameter of the dust bag are the same, increasing the length can reduce the number of filter bags, thereby reducing the area, reducing the solenoid valve, pulse valve, blow pipe and other parts of the dust cleaning system, saving investment, It can also shorten the cleaning cycle. But on the other hand, the filter bag is lengthened, and the dust collector box body also needs to be extended upwards, and the strength of its components is increased, which increases the equipment cost.

4. When the diameter D and length L of the filter bag are selected, the number of filter bags N can be calculated.

Dust removal equipment is a device that separates dust from flue gas, also called dust collector or dust removal equipment. Dust removal equipment uses underground dust removal water pipes and compressed air pipelines, adds certain additives to the water, introduces wind pressure, and completes a series of technological processes through special equipment to produce foam, which is sprayed onto the dust source through distributors and nozzle bracket components .

Calculation formula: N=S/(D*D*3.1415926*0.25*L)

       Then arrange the filter bags according to N, and then determine the size (length, width, height) of the bag filter according to the inlet and outlet form of the dust collector. How to determine the dust collector bag model? The size of the bag filter depends on the diameter D and length L of the filter bag used and the arrangement of the filter bag. First, calculate the filter area of the bag filter, and then determine the filter bag strip according to the filter area and site height. Number, combined with the air inlet form to determine the size of the bag filter.

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