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Correct air dust filter bag cleaning method

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After a period of filtration work, the filter bag needs to be cleaned and maintained. After all, the volume of the filter bag is limited. If the filter bag is saturated but not cleaned immediately, the filtration efficiency and filtration effect will be affected. lead to damage to the filter equipment.

1. Clean dust, impurities, suspended particles and other pollutants. High-frequency vibration can be used to clean the pollutants with relatively large particles inside the filter bag, which will not affect the fiber firmness of the filter bag, and can also effectively clean some pollutants that can be seen on the surface. clean.

2. Soak with detergent or medicine. After the pollutants with relatively large particles are removed, chemicals, drugs or detergents can be used for soaking to clean the finer and stubborn pollutants in the gap of the filter bag. It should be noted that the selected chemical preparations, drugs and cleaning agents must not have strong pungent properties or cause damage to the filter bag. It is necessary to ensure the filtration accuracy of the filter bag to a certain extent and improve the air permeability of the filter bag.

3. To dry. After the cleaning is completed, it needs to be dried. During the drying process, attention should be paid to the placement process as stable as possible, and no folds or oblique placement are allowed to avoid the deformation of the filter bag. Do not expose to the sun or bake at high temperature to avoid deformation or rapid aging of the filter bag. Try to put it in a cool and ventilated place, and try to wait until the dryness and humidity reach a certain standard before putting it into work.

4. Check the filter bag. After cleaning the filter bag, it is necessary to test the filter bag to ensure that the filter bag can work normally. When testing, firstly check whether the filter bag has been cleaned, and secondly, pay attention to whether the filter bag is damaged. If it is damaged, it must be repaired or replaced before it can be put into use. requirements, whether the efficiency and effect of use can be ensured.

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