How to prevent air leakage of bag filter dust collector

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-19      Origin: Site


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In order to prolong the service life and dust removal efficiency of the bag filter, air leakage must be prevented. Here are two effective methods to prevent air leakage:

Strengthen the seal

(1) Strengthen the sealing of the dust removal system: To prevent air leakage, it is also necessary to strengthen the sealing of rigid impeller feeders, inlet and outlet valves, conveying equipment and pipelines, inspection doors and other equipment to reduce and eliminate air leakage.

For example, to improve the processing accuracy, all the connections of the shell and the pipeline must be welded continuously, and there should be no air leakage or desoldering; gaskets should be added to the connections of each valve, ash unloading and ash returning equipment, and the fasteners should be firmly connected, and there should be no leakage.气 phenomenon.

(2) Strengthen the sealing of the manhole door: the design of the manhole door cover plate should meet the requirements of strength and rigidity. The door frame and door cover plate must be flat during production, and the sealing strip should be used for sealing during assembly, and the door should be pressed tightly with a pressure block.

Common sealing strip structures are ‘U’ type and ‘Y’ type.

(3) Strengthen the sealing of the blowback valve: the cleaning energy of the blowback bag dust collector comes from the blower. In order to protect its motor and avoid frequent opening, the blower is normally open. If the blower valve is not closed, the blower is reversed. The positive pressure gas generated during work will continue to be blown into the bag chamber during the non-cleaning time period, which will seriously interfere with the normal filtration of the dust collector.

The main performance is: the continuous work resistance increased due to air leakage; when cleaning the ash, the other air blower valves leak and disperse the energy, which makes the cleaning energy in the cleaning bag room insufficient, which affects the cleaning effect.

In order to improve the operating efficiency, it is recommended to use a sealing ring to seal the blowback valve.

Two: Optimized design and installation

Rotary kiln pulse bag filter is large in size. In order to facilitate transportation, it usually adopts methods such as disassembly production, split delivery, and on-site assembly.

Improper on-site installation can easily cause the equipment to be misaligned up and down, and forced installation can easily cause local deformation and uneven welding seams; after the equipment is put into operation, under the combined action of fan power, dust removal power and thermal stress, high stress is likely to form at the above defects Concentration, resulting in local cracks and air leakage of the equipment.

In the design of the dust collector, in addition to considering the equipment body to have sufficient strength and rigidity, the installation procedure should also be optimized to minimize the cumulative installation error and improve the installation quality.


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