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Main causes of damage to dust Filter bag

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1. Dust medium 

The choice of the dust bag fabric for the settler is determined by the nature of the dust, taking into account whether the dust contains acid, alkali or corrosive substances. The nature of its dust filter is suitable, so that the bag can absorb dust normally without affecting its service life. 

2. Filter wind speed

 The high filtration wind speed of the bag filter is the main cause of damage to the bag filter. In recent years, some units have blindly reduced equipment costs and increased profits. When designing the bag filter, the dust removal wind speed is increased. In a short time, the user has no obvious response, but the service life of the bag filter is greatly shortened. This not only saves money for customers, but also brings a great economic burden and a waste of time.

 3. Operating temperature 

Choosing a suitable dust filter bag as the dust removal material of the dust collector is the key to the design of the filter bag. If the temperature is too high, the selected filter bag exceeds the normal use temperature, the filter bag lamp will shorten the service life, and in severe cases, it will burn out in a short time. Therefore, the inlet temperature of the dust collector must be calculated when selecting the filter bag, and when selecting the appropriate dust filter bag. 

The dust removal effect of the dust filter bag is related to many factors, mainly depends on the bag protective cover, which is a cloth or felt made of synthetic fiber, natural fiber or glass fiber. The protective sleeve can be made of cotton wool fiber, glass fiber or various chemical fibers by spinning (or needle punching) to make filter material, and then the protective sleeve is made into a vertically hanging filter bag, and different filter materials are used in different occasions. Sew cloth or felt into the bag of the bead vacuum cleaner as needed.

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