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Powder Test Leakage For air dust filter bags

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Powder Test Leakage For air dust filter bags 

After all the filter bags are installed, it is recommended to do a "fluorescent powder leakage" test before the dust collector is put into operation to ensure the tightness of filter bag installation and the tightness of the dust collector body structure can be detected at the same time.

If the source of the leakage of the dust collector is unknown, it is recommended to take phosphor detection.

The amount of phosphor used: the new filter bag is calculated according to the surface area of the filter bag, and the amount of phosphor used per square meter of the surface area of the filter bag is 3.0-5.0g/m2 (there is a difference between film-coated filter bags and non-coated filter bags)

Phosphor detection needs to use special goggles with a certain wavelength and fluorescent light observation.

Powder Test Leakage operation steps

Turn on the main fan to guide the air flow and turn off the ash cleaning system;

The air flow is opened to 50-70% of the load, and the ash cleaning system must be kept closed during this period.

The designated person will slowly inhale the appropriate amount of phosphor powder from the detection hole on the side of the air inlet of the dust collector into the airflow.

After the phosphor is completely inhaled, keep the main fan running for 10-15 minutes, and then turn off the main fan.

Open the cover of the clean air chamber of the dust collector, put on the goggles, use a fluorescent lamp to illuminate the visible part of the filter bag, all the positions on the top of the cell plate, welds and air outlet flue and other possible leak locations; find the source of the leak. It is necessary to make detailed markings, repair and replace the filter bags in time to avoid the leakage of phosphors from polluting other filter bags.

Restricted by the particularity of the phosphor material, the person who puts the phosphor cannot participate in the leak detection of the phosphor

Weather and brightness will affect the human eye's observation of phosphors. The darker the brightness, the easier to find leaks. If possible, it is recommended to do phosphor detection at night. If it is during the day, corresponding measures must be used to cover before leak detection can be carried out.

After the replacement or repair is completed, if a second phosphor test is required, a different color phosphor must be used for leak detection to ensure that the source of the leak is found and repaired.

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