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  • Precautions for the use of maintenance air dust filter bag
    1) Try not to mix old dust-removing cloth bags with new technology. Damage to the old dust-removing cloth bags in advance will affect the normal operation of the dust removal equipment.   2) The aging problem of dust bag.  ① When the temperature of the dust bag is abnormally high, the dust bag will
  • Air Dust Filter Bag Types and Applications
    Aokai Envirotec filter bags are always made according to the requirements of your dedusting equipment. It ensures the close fit of the filter bag and the tube sheet to prevent the dust from leaking from the tube sheet hole. Our filter bags are made from high quality filter cloth. Production procedur
  • Powder Test Leakage For air dust filter bags
    Powder Test Leakage For air dust filter bags
  • The Storage of air dust filter bags
    Storage of filter bags
  • The influence of air dust filter bag and filter wind speed
    Influencing factors of filter wind speed of bag filter:.1. It is necessary to clarify the particle size distribution of the dust in the processing conditions. The particle size of the dust is its basic characteristic. It is an aggregate composed of particles of various sizes. The average particle si
  • Causes of unstable differential pressure of air dust filter bags
    1. The temperature of the dust-containing gas is relatively high, and the system does not adopt any thermal insulation measures, which makes the temperature difference between the dust in the pipe and the bag filter and the external environment large. The condensation of water vapor is resolved duri
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