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Precautions for the use of maintenance air dust filter bag

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Maintenance air dust filter bag

1) Try not to mix old dust filter bags with new technology. Damage to the old dust filter bags in advance will affect the normal operation of the dust removal equipment.

2) The aging problem of dust filter bags.

  ① When the temperature of the dust filter bags is abnormally high, the dust bag will harden and shrink. Causing early replacement of the dust filter bags

  ②In the process of filtration, it is exposed to the vapor of acid or alkaline organic solvent, which causes it to be oxidized and destroyed.

  ③ It reacts with moisture and affects the dry humidity of the dust filter bags.

3). The tightness of the dust filter bags hanging should be moderate. Too loose and too tight will affect the dust filter bags. Too loose and easy to accumulate dust, and too tight to damage the dust filter bags.

4) The replaced filter bags does not necessarily need to be replaced. The compressed air will suck it up. After sucking it up, check if there is any hole. If there is a hole, it can be repaired. After repairing, keep them for replacement; there are some filter bags that are stuck in dust, which can be used after washing with water and drying.

5). The clogging of the filter bags will increase the pressure inside and outside the dust bag; the greater the pressure, the greater the dust removal assistance. This pressure can be reflected on the differential pressure gauge. The resistance of the filter bags will cause the phenomenon of abrasion, perforation, and shedding of the cloth bag, so it is necessary to avoid the clogging of the dust collector filter bags. The following are the issues we should pay attention to

  ①Temporarily strengthen the cleaning to eliminate the clogging of the air filter bags;

  ②Partially or completely replace the air filter bags;

  ③Adjust the installation and operating conditions.

   The above are the common reasons for the damage of the air filter bags. Pay more attention when using it; the life of the air filter bags will increase; it will reduce a lot of economic losses in industrial production. Whether in the selection or maintenance is very important. Maintain the use of air filter bags.

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