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Causes of unstable differential pressure of air dust filter bags

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-17      Origin: Site


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Causes of unstable differential pressure of dust filter bags 

1. The temperature of the dust-containing gas is relatively high, and the system does not adopt any thermal insulation measures, which makes the temperature difference between the dust in the pipe and the bag filter and the external environment large. The condensation of water vapor is resolved during the heat exchange process, which increases the dust. For the humidity and viscosity, heat preservation and heat insulation measures should be taken.

2. The improper setting of the relevant parameters of the pulse injection system results in a poor cleaning effect of the bag filter. If the time interval of the filter bag pulse blowing is too long, the pulse blowing width is too short, and the compressed air pressure is too low, the tension of the filter bag will decrease, and the dust on the filter bag will be deposited too thick, which will seriously affect the dust removal effect. At this time, the relevant parameters of the pulse injection system should be reset to make it consistent with the dust filtration situation.

3. The material of the dust filter bag does not match the characteristics of the dust, causing part of the pores to be blocked. For dust with high concentration, small particle size, high humidity and viscosity, membrane filter cloth should be selected. The membrane-coated filter cloth is made by covering the surface of the needle-punched filter cloth with a PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) microporous film. The membrane-coated filter cloth has thin, lubricating, microporous, small pore size, high porosity, and extremely high friction coefficient. Low and non-sticky.

4. If the dust concentration handled by the system is too high, and the filtering wind speed of the filter material filter bags is too high, it will cause the pressure difference of the dust bag to be too high. Should appropriately reduce the dust removal load of the precipitator and the filter wind speed of the filter material, that is, increase the filter area and reduce the filter wind speed of the filter material.

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