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Precautions when installing air dust filter bag

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1. When storing the dust bag, it should be kept away from fire sources, moisture-proof, avoid direct sunlight, and prevent heavy objects from being squeezed. Check each filter bag before installation to prevent mechanical damage.

2. The installers should dress smartly, their pockets should be emptied, and cigarettes, matches, lighters, keys, knives and other objects should not be carried in order to avoid falling into the filter bag. (If the debris falls into the filter bag, it must be removed). Do not wear hard soles or shoes with iron spikes for installation. Set up a special person to install the filter bag, the position is fixed, the responsibility is clear, and each person records and signs the dust filter bag installed by himself.

3. Installation environment requirements: The installation site shall not store sundries and equipment unrelated to the installation. On-site lighting needs to be sufficient.

4. During the installation of the dust bag, smoking is prohibited, any part, any form of electric welding, cutting work, and the use of matches, lighters and other open flames are strictly prohibited under the condition of power failure. After the installation work is completed every day, the installation tools should be checked to avoid missing or falling into the bag. Damage to the filter bag.

5. Requirements for installing the dust filter bag: It is recommended that two people complete the installation together. One person folds the bag vertically and sends it into the hole of the flower plate, and the other person grabs and opens the filter bag from the other side. The dust removal frame should be aligned with the center, put it in gently, and ensure that it is vertical during installation.

6. Installation inspection of dust filter bags: Check the sealing position and sealing condition of the joint seam after each filter bag is installed. Check whether the filter bag is vertical from the ash hopper. If it is found that the bottom of the filter bag collides or the position is incorrect, make a record and straighten it under the guidance of a special person in time.

7. After installation, the flower board should be gradually covered with canvas to prevent sundries from falling into the dust bag. When installing the injection pipe, cover the flower plate with canvas to prevent damage to the filter bag mouth.

8. Special attention should be paid to the installation: the center of the five parts of the flower plate, the blowing pipe hole, the cultural and historical pipe nozzle, the filter bag frame, and the dust filter bag should be consistent, and the deviation should be less than 2mm.

In order to prevent damage to the dust bag, extra care should be taken at the beginning of installation. Sharp-edged tools such as screwdrivers cannot protrude from tool kits, etc., covering or removing anything with openings.

When installing the dust filter bag, do not stand or kneel on the filter bag to prevent the installed filter bag from being stepped on by feet or heavy objects. To avoid damage to the filter bags before installation, all filter bags should have seams facing the same direction (away from the air inlet).

Usually the bag cage and the dust bag are quite tightly matched. However, if the matching size of the two is too small, the size of the bag cage or dust filter bag should be checked, and the bag cage or dust filter bag with the wrong size should be scrapped. (The scrapped dust removal bag or bag cage should be returned to the supplier in time.) When installing the dust removal bag, if a bagging tool is used to protect the dust removal bag, the spring ring of the bag mouth should be flattened by hand to minimize the contact surface with the flower plate hole, so that the The spring expansion ring bayonet is just inserted into the hole of the flower plate. Note: After the bag cage is installed on the flower plate, a visual inspection should be done inside the ash hopper to see if the bottom of the bag is in contact with the steel plate of the surrounding box to prevent it from being worn out during operation. Dust bag.

A blowing pipe will be installed above each dust removal bag. Each blowing pipe is connected to the air distribution box through a steel joint. The other end of the blowing pipe has an adjustable fixed end connected to the bracket of the clean air chamber (upper box). . Each injection port of the injection pipe should be aligned with the center of the filter bag.

Dust filter bags and bag cages should be kept indoors. After installation and cleaning, all inspection doors should be closed. After the dust filter bags are installed, no welding, cutting or grinding work is allowed.

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