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Reasons for Excessive Emission Concentration of Dust Filter Bags

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-25      Origin: Site


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The dust removal effect is not good, the emission dust concentration exceeds the standard, the outlet is ash, and the dust emission is large. The reasons can be found from the following aspects:

(1) The newly installed clean filter bag has large pores, and the dust passing rate is high when it is first used, and it has not yet reached the best filtering state, and the dust emission is large. As the filtration progresses, dust accumulates on the outer surface of the filter bag to form a dust layer, which reduces the pores on the outer surface of the filter bag and improves the dust removal efficiency. The "dust filter" function can remove more than 99% of fine dust. Therefore, it is more accurate to determine the dust removal efficiency of the pulse bag filter after 1 month of continuous use.  

(2) Check whether the filter bag is installed correctly. The usual pulse bag type dust collector relies on the elastic expansion ring sewn on the mouth of the filter bag to embed the filter bag in the hole of the flower plate, and the dust chamber of the middle box body and the clean air chamber of the upper box body are strictly distinguished by the flower plate. If the elastic expansion ring of the filter bag mouth fails to completely close to the flower plate hole, a gap appears, which will cause the dust-containing airflow to directly enter the clean air chamber, and the outlet of the exhaust cylinder will emit dust. You can check the installation of the dust removal filter bag one by one, and find that the gap should be tightly sealed. In the installation process of the pulse bag filter, the installation quality of the filter bag is one of the key points of supervision and inspection. The ironworks has improved and optimized the installation of the filter bag: a ferrule is welded above each flower plate hole, the height of the collar is 30mm and concentric with the flower plate hole, the single-layer elastic expansion sewn on the filter bag mouth The ring is installed close to the inner wall of the ring, which not only ensures that the installation height of the filter bag is flat and sealed, but also makes the installation and disassembly of the filter bag easier. 

3) The damage of the filter bag will cause the dust-laden airflow to be discharged directly, and dust will be emitted from the outlet of the exhaust cylinder behind the dust collector. For a large pulse bag dust collector for offline dust removal, the following methods can be used to determine the location of the broken bag: Manual operation is used to clean the ash from warehouse by warehouse, and the outlet valve of one warehouse is closed at a time, and pay attention to the outlet of the exhaust cylinder. , When the warehouse with broken bags stops filtering, the outlet of the exhaust cylinder no longer emits dust, and according to this, it can be determined which warehouse has broken bags. If only individual filter bags are damaged, seal the hole of the flower plate with an iron cover to ensure that the dust concentration discharged meets the standard. When the filter bag needs to be replaced, it is recommended that all the dust cloth bags of the same dust collector be replaced at the same time to ensure that each filter bag has the same resistance. If only a few filter bags can be replaced, the opening of the new filter bag needs to be closed and buried in the dust for a few days to increase the resistance of the new filter bag so that the resistance of the new filter bag is close to that of the old filter bag. 

(4) For dust collectors whose inlet and outlet channels are only separated by partitions, check whether the intermediate partitions are tightly welded. If there are welds or gaps in the intermediate partition, the high-concentration dust in the inlet air will escape into the air outlet channel, causing dust at the outlet of the exhaust cylinder. Ensuring the welding quality of the intermediate partition and completely separating the air inlet channel from the air outlet channel is another focus of quality inspection in the production and installation of the dust collector.

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