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Reasons for the clogging of the dust filter bag

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1. The filter bag should not be hung too loosely or too tightly.

2. It reacts with the vapor of acid, alkali or organic solvent;

3. Adjust the installation and operating conditions. Methods to prevent blockage of dust collection filter bags. Check the contents of the scene. Wet the bag and the box of the dust collector. Eliminate water leakage, dryness, and repeated dust removal. Find out the cause. Eliminate the origin. Repair the bag tension. Lack of suspension. Reason adjustment, maintenance Poor installation of cloth bags, poor installation method adjustment, maintenance and cleaning.

       For the cause of blockage of the dust filter bag, stop inspection and repair according to the following table. The following methods are normally used:

       1. Lack of adjustment of injection pressure, maintenance of bag shrinkage, find out the reason, change the bag, filter speed is too high, and adjust the air volume. Maintain. Too long cleaning cycle, adjust, shrink filter bag aging, find out and eliminate the cause, too long time to clean dust, adjust, shrink filter bag harden due to heat, find out and eliminate the cause, lack of adjustment, strengthen burnout, re-discuss the bag material is too loose Adjust the leakage of dust to find out and eliminate the cause. Poor installation of the cloth bag, reinforced filter speed is too high, adjustment to reduce the aging of the cloth bag, mainly due to the following reasons, must stop the cause investigation, adopt the elimination method and replace the dust filter bag.

       2. New technology and old filter bags should be mixed to prevent the time difference of damage from affecting the deformity of the dust removal equipment.

       3. Replace the filter bags , blow it with compressed air first, and then check whether there are any holes. After the holes are repaired, keep them for replacement. If the filter bags is stuck with dust, wash it with water, dry it and save it for replacement.

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