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Reasons that affect the air dust filter bag

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-04-18      Origin: Site


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Nowadays, more and more manufacturers have joined the dust removal industry, and the efforts to prevent and control air pollution are also increasing. To pass the environmental protection acceptance, manufacturers with brand benefits should be selected. The basic factor that reflects the quality of the dust removal device produced by the manufacturer is its dust removal efficiency. In theory, the dust removal efficiency of the dust filter bag can reach 99% and very close to 100%. But in fact, due to the influence of equipment air leakage and resistance, the theoretical value cannot be reached. Therefore, the resistance of the dust filter bag when filtering the gas has a certain influence on the dust removal power. Learn about the reasons that affect the effect of the dust filter bag:

1. Selection of fans: The role of the blower is worse than that of the induced draft fan.

2. Secondary dust removal: A settling chamber is installed in front of the dust collector box to form secondary dust removal. The settling chamber can remove a part of the large particle dust, reduce the temperature and reduce the pressure of the dust collector.

3. Selection of dust filter bags: The bags should be made of materials that are wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant.

4. The dust collecting hood should be as close to the furnace head as possible to make it easier for dust to enter the hood, increase the amount of dust collected, and reduce unorganized emission pollution.

5. Equipment protection: If the equipment, dust removal bag, and dust filter bag cgaes are simply damaged, the bag and skeleton should be repaired and replaced in time.

6. Temperature control: Usually the filter bag can withstand a temperature of 200 °C, so the inlet temperature of the treatment equipment should be controlled below 200 °C. When the flue gas after the dust filter bag passes through the long smoke pipe reaches the dust collector box, the temperature can be lowered. When the temperature is below 200℃, in special cases, water cooling can be performed, and a cooler is installed at the main smoke pipe.

7. Filter area: The larger the filter area, the higher the dust removal power, but the cost will increase accordingly. Therefore, the air volume should be pre-calculated, and then the corresponding dust collector model should be selected.

8. Mechanical dust removal is more convenient and cleaner than manual dust removal, but the cost of mechanical dust removal is high. Now most of them use the electromagnetic pulse valve dust removal method.

Factors affecting the efficiency of dust removal equipment include the amount of dust-containing gas, dust flow rate, dust-containing concentration, and the amount of filtered dust, the dust-containing concentration of the outlet exhaust gas and the amount of dust captured by the dust collector, so after using the dust filter bag for a period of time, , It is necessary to clean the bag to reduce the resistance and improve the dust removal efficiency.

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