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Reasons that affect the service life of dust filter bag

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Reasons that affect the service life of dust filter bags : 

(1) The choice of dust filter bag : the material to be selected for the filter bag, including fiberglass cloth/felt, NOMEX, needle felt, P84 needle felt, etc., considering the characteristics of the filter bag, high temperature and cost, etc., the non-ferrous metal industry Generally choose NOMEX needle felt.

    (2) Temperature control: Generally, the temperature of the filter bag is 200 ℃, so the temperature of the treatment facility should be controlled below 200 ℃. When the flue gas after passing through the long flue pipe reaches the dust collector box, the temperature drops below 200 ℃ At the time, water cooling can be performed, and a cooler is installed at the main smoke pipe.

    (3) Fan selection: induced draft fan is better than blower.

    (4) Mechanical dust removal is more convenient and cleaner than manual dust removal, but the cost of mechanical dust removal is high, and pulse dust removal methods are mostly used now.

    (5) Air leakage and resistance: The dust removal efficiency of the bag pulse dust collector is theoretically calculated, but it cannot be achieved in the actual measurement. The pulse bag filter is mainly affected by air leakage and resistance. The lower the air leakage rate, the better the dust removal; the resistance affects the dust removal. If it has an impact, empty the filter bag frequently to reduce resistance and remove dust.

    (6) The dust collecting hood should be as close as possible to the furnace head, so that dust can easily enter the hood, increasing the amount of dust collection, and reducing fugitive emission pollution.

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