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Selection basis of Air dust bag filter

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Selection basis of Air dust bag filter 

1. According to the air volume

The design of the bag filter is based on the processing air volume. The processing air volume refers to the volume of air that the dust collector can process in a unit time. When the dust collector is designed according to the air volume, generally do not use it in the case of exceeding the processing air volume. This is easy to cause clogging of the cloth bag, shorten the service life, and excessive pressure loss of the dust collector. At the same time, the air volume of the dust collector should not be too large, otherwise, it will increase equipment investment and waste resources.

2. According to temperature

The temperature mentioned here is mainly the acceptance temperature of the filter material. At present, due to the extensive use of glass fiber filter material, the filter temperature can reach 280℃. The flue gas above this temperature needs to be cooled in advance, otherwise it will directly affect the service life of the bag. .

3. Inlet dust concentration and outlet dust concentration

The inlet dust concentration is determined by the different working conditions and the process of the dust-raising point. This is also an important factor that needs to be paid attention to when designing the dust collector. Usually in g/m. The outlet dust concentration is the emission concentration, which should be based on the local environmental emission standards and user requirements.

4. Filter wind speed

Filtering wind speed is an important factor in the design and selection of bag filter. Filtering wind speed refers to the speed of gas passing through the bag, and the unit is meter/min. The filter wind speed directly affects the service life of the bag and the efficiency of dust removal

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