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The Reason of damage to the air dust filter bag

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-06-13      Origin: Site


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1. Incineration: If the dust bag is kept in the flue gas for a long time and exceeds the normal operating temperature of the bag, it is easy to harden and shrink the dust bag, or melt and cause holes. The thickness of the initial layer of the dust bag manufacturer is not enough, the sparks brought by the flue gas enter the bag, or the dust heats up, which will also cause the dust bag to burn out the holes. The incineration of the dust bag is mainly reflected in the replacement of the dust bag. Since there is no pre-dusting after online replacement, the high-temperature flue gas directly touches the cloth bag with sparks, which is easy to burn the dust bag. Measures to prevent incineration: ensure the initial layer thickness on the surface of the dust bag.

2. Wear: The wear of the dust removal bag mainly occurs in the center of the dust collector, and on a single dust removal bag, it mainly occurs within 1 meter from the outlet. The main reason is the uneven distribution of flue gas, the high flow rate in the center of the single chamber, and the high filtration gas velocity at the outlet of a single dust bag, which causes dust to impact and wear the bag, and also causes the fabric fiber tension of the dust bag to be affected. Damage, simple local bag perforation, and short service cycle. Replace the dust bag for the frequently worn parts with a wear-resistant bag.

3. Excessive filtering air velocity will break the initial dust layer, and the dust will impact the cloth bag and cause excessive wear. If the cleaning frequency of the cloth bag is too high at this time, the fabric of the cloth bag will be loosened and the wear of the cloth bag will be accelerated. The dust contained in the flue gas exceeds the design standard, which will also accelerate the wear of the cloth bag. Too much dust in the small ash hopper will cause the dust in the flue gas chamber to be too large, which will accelerate the wear of the cloth bag.

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