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The influence of dust filter bag life and filter wind speed

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-10-27      Origin: Site


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The main factors affecting the life of the bag filter:

When the cloth bag is clogged, the resistance increases, which can be reflected by the increase in the reading of the differential pressure gauge. The clogging of the cloth bag is the main cause of the phenomenon of wear, perforation, and falling off of the cloth bag. , Generally take the following measures:

  1. Temporarily strengthen cleaning to eliminate clogging of cloth bags.

  2, change the bag partially or completely.

  3, adjust the installation and operating conditions.

   Pressure loss of bag filter:

  The small resistance of the bag filter means that the pores are large and the dust is easy to penetrate, that is, the dust removal efficiency is low. Therefore, the bag filter generally uses the dust bag with the initial resistance. Under normal circumstances, the pressure loss of the new dust filter bag increases quickly, and then it will gradually stabilize. Although it continues to increase, the growth rate is relatively slow. Most of them are approximate to a fixed value. The relationship between the pressure loss of the bag-type pulse dust collector and the filtering wind speed , With the increase of the filtering wind speed, the resistance shows an upward trend. When the resistance reaches the set value, it is necessary to clean the dust. When the bag filter cleans the dust, the pressure loss does not drop to the specified value, indicating that the dust removal is not good. If you continue to filter, the pressure loss will rise sharply.

  Factors affecting the filtering wind speed of the bag filter:.

1. The particle size distribution of the working condition dust. The particle size of the dust is its basic characteristic. It is an aggregate composed of particles of various sizes. Simply using the average particle size to express this aggregate is far not enough.

2. Working conditions The viscosity of dust is a characteristic of mutual attraction between dust or between dust and the surface molecules of the object. It is important for bag dust collectors to deal with the influence of dust sticking dust collector dust bag performance, because the dust removal efficiency and The filtration resistance largely depends on the ability to remove dust from the filter material.

3. The bulk density or bulk specific gravity of the dust handled by the bag filter, that is, the weight of the dust per unit volume. The unit volume includes the volume of the dust particle itself, the volume of air adsorbed on the surface of the dust particle, the micropores of the dust particle itself, and the difference between the dust particles. The gap, to clarify the bulk density of the dust, is of great significance for ventilation and dust removal, because it is closely related to the dust removal performance of the dust.

  4, working conditions The physical and chemical properties of the dust-containing gas of the bag filter, such as temperature, moisture content, chemical composition and properties, the determination of these parameters is directly and indirectly related to the additional treatment measures for dust removal and the selection of filter wind speed.

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