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The main reason for the aging of air dust filter bag

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-28      Origin: Site


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Air Dust filter bag is a commonly used dust removal environmental protection accessory in the industry. The 99.99% dust removal efficiency makes it the mainstream of environmental protection products. However, sometimes the Dust filter bag will cause aging. This aging phenomenon is not necessarily because the Dust filter bag has been used for a long time. , Sometimes the influence of working conditions will also cause the aging of the Dust filter bag , so you should pay more attention to it when using it to avoid aging. The main reasons for the aging of the Dust filter bags are as follows:

Dust filter bag

1. Abnormal temperature conditions. If the temperature is too high, it may cause the dust filter bag to be burnt; if the low temperature will accelerate the condensation of the dust filter bag, it will easily lead to the occurrence of the bag sticking phenomenon, and the air dust filter bag will be it over time It will age and even affect its use.

2. The acid-base environment is unbalanced. Contact of the dust collector bag with acid and alkali will affect the dust filter bag to be corroded. If the acid-base treatment is unbalanced, it will also cause the aging of various dust filter bag.

3. For the moisture in the flue gas, the moisture content in some dust collectors is too high, such as the filter bag made of polyester, because polyester is not resistant to hydrolysis, it is easy to age and fail.

4. After the bag filter is blocked, the resistance will increase and the cleaning distance will be shortened. These factors will accelerate the aging of the bag filter.

The dust filter bag is a commonly used dust removal product, but improper use will cause its premature aging failure. Be careful when using, do not let the dust filter bag, because the closed filter bag will become a simple wear, perforation, loss, you have to deal with the blocking distance to shorten the cleaning, and the cleaning effort is strengthened, so that it is easy to damage the dust filter bag. Form accelerated aging, so use dust filter bag rationally.

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