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The reason for the blockage of the air dust filter bag

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1. Improper installation of the filter bag of the dust collector: A. The installation process is chaotic, and the storage of the bag cage and the filter bag is irregular, which causes the filter bag or the bag cage to be squeezed and deformed; B. The filter bag is not vertical, which will cause the filter bag and the filter bag. The long-term friction between the filter bag and the wall plate will cause damage to the filter bag; C. The injection pipe is skewed, the injection pressure is too high or the injection frequency is too high, which is easy to cause annular damage to the bag mouth, and even the bag head and the bag body. separation,

2. The equipment is not well-made: A. The bag cage is rough processed. If there are rust, welding scars, burrs, open welding, etc., the mechanical wear of the filter bag will be accelerated; B. The flower plate is deformed and cannot reach the flatness 2/ The requirement of 1000, even there are distortions and unevenness, which leads to the unguaranteed verticality of the bag cage, which will cause the bottom of the filter bag to collide with each other. and sealing can not be guaranteed, resulting in air leakage and damage to the filter bag; C. There is a deviation in the hole of the flower plate. When the flower plate also has a deviation of 2-3mm, the filter bag cannot be installed in place, which will cause the filter bag to emit dust or filter. The bag fell off from the hole in the pattern plate, causing the bag filter to fail to operate.

3. The temperature of the dust removal equipment is unstable: A. The higher the temperature of the flue gas, the faster the chemical reaction, and the filter material that is more sensitive to oxidation and other chemical reactions is easily damaged under such operating conditions, resulting in Its service life is greatly reduced. B. When the dust removal equipment is running, the temperature must always be kept above the limit. If the temperature is lower than this limit, the water vapor in the flue gas will be concentrated, and the concentrated water vapor will be mixed with the dirty smoke and dust, which may cause corrosiveness. Acid dew, corrodes the filter bag or paste bag, shortens the life of the filter bag or increases the operating resistance of the dust removal equipment, which will seriously make the dust collector unable to operate. C. Influenced by the dust removal temperature, sparks in the flue gas tend to burn out the filter bag.

4. The selection of filter material is unreasonable: A. Commonly used polyester filter material and aramid fiber filter material are prone to hydrolysis reaction. This type of filter material should not be used in water vapor or humid conditions; B. Commonly used polypropylene filter materials and polyphenylene sulfide filter materials are easily oxidized, so they should not be used in conditions where the oxygen content exceeds 15%. This type of filter material; C. If the glass fiber filter material is used in the dust removal and purification environment of fluorine-containing flue gas, the damage will be faster.

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