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What is the cleaning method of air dust filter bag?

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The air dust filter bag is an important part of the bag filter in operation, and the cylindrical filter bag is usually hung vertically in the dust collector. The longitudinal stitches of the air dust filter bag  must be strong and not less than three straight. The loop stitches at the mouth of the air dust filter bag  must be strong, no less than two. The loop stitches of the anti-sag ring of the air dust filter bag  must be strong, and no less than two on each side.

The loop stitch at the bottom of the air dust filter bag  allows single thread, but needs to sew more than two turns. The length of the dust-removing bag material is biased to ±10mm. The material and design of the average filter bag around the stitching of the dust-removing bag should strive for high-efficiency filtration, easy dust peeling, and durability. In pulse and air box pulse vacuum cleaners, dust adheres to the surface of the filter bag. When the dust-containing gas passes through the vacuum cleaner, the dust is trapped on the surface of the filter bag, and the clean gas enters the filter bag through the filter material. The fabric and design of the dust bag should pursue high-efficiency filtration, easy dust removal and durability as much as possible.

How to clean the air dust filter bag  is described in detail as follows:

1. Physical soaking: Choose a suitable chemical agent to soak the dust removal filter bag, remove the oil in the gap of the filter bag, and greatly improve the air permeability of the filter bag.

2. Dust removal: high-frequency vibration is used to remove large dust particles entering the wall of the filter bag, without affecting the winding fastness of the fiber, and maintaining the goodness of the filter bag and the peeling of dirt.

3. Drying: Use hot air at around 110℃ for drying, and adhere to the dimensional stability of the dust-removing bag. After drying, the filter bag will not deform or shrink.

4. Inspection: The equipment stops the physical index inspection for cleaning the filter bag to ensure that the cleaning quality meets the requirements.

5. Chemical experiment treatment: extract air dust filter bag  samples, use professional instruments to detect the oily components of the filter bag, select appropriate washing materials, and clean the filter bag greatly without damaging the filter bag.

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