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Reasons for the damage of the dust filter bag

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1. Mechanical damage

      It is mainly manifested as the phenomenon of wear and drop of the non-woven layer of the filter material. Due to the uneven air distribution, the filter bag equipment for cleaning the appearance of the filter bag under high filter wind speed is insufficient, and the resistance between the filter bags may be damaged. The spray tube The equipment may not be straight, and the plan with a mouth of 30-40 cm will rupture. The details are shown in the damage of the filter bag mouth, the filter bag body, the lower part of the filter bag, and the bottom of the filter bag.

      2. Chemical corrosion.

      The most obvious manifestation of chemical corrosion is that the strength of the dust bag is greatly reduced, and the filter bag such as acid corrosion, alkali corrosion, oxidative corrosion and hydrolytic corrosion loses an acceptable filter load and loses its filtering function. This phenomenon is mainly due to the problem of the selection of filter bags, the environment of the operating conditions may accept the plan of the fiber, and the filter bag loses its filtering function and becomes invalid.

       3. Bake at high temperature.

       The performance of high-temperature grilling is mainly because the filter bag is sharply shortened and hardened at high temperature, and the appearance of the filter bag is cracked. This phenomenon occurs mainly because the temperature of the filter bag is used under the condition of exceeding the acceptance plan of the filter bag. Introduce in detail the hazards of high-temperature particles, high-temperature flue gas, high-temperature heat of the filter bag and excessive shortening of filter materials.

       4. Condensation is blocked.

       Condensation means that the air containing moisture separates sufficient moisture under a certain pressure and temperature. The temperature point of water separation is called dew point. When the temperature of the dust collector is lower than the dew point, it will cause water blockage in the filter bag.

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